30 years of experience are our guarantee
as a company.
Experience is a degree.

30 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of exterior and interior joinery and 20 years in the production of mixed doors and windows.


Tradition, technology and innovation

We have a company of more than 150 employees in different sectors of the design and production chain, state-of-the-art numerical control machinery and TIG welding robots, which gives us a production capacity of up to 100 doors and windows in a single day.

Qualified and connected staff.

At Tecmax we work with highly qualified personnel to solve any technical problem and we are in permanent contact between the technical office and production. With all this we are able to develop any type of product and adapt to any type of work.

R&D Laboratory

At tecmax we are committed to research and development and we have approved laboratories where permeability, watertightness and wind and water resistance tests are carried out periodically in order to provide you with the best product.

Certified quality

Tecmax offers a unique product with total guarantee in all its processes.

Quality certificates ISO 9001: 2000, AITIM V60, Mercado CE, sello Qualicoat, Sello Qualanod, sello Qualideco…

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